scte objectives



To advise the Government on:-

  1. Formulation of Policy on Technical Educations in the State.
  2. Framing Regulations & Conducting Examinations and award of Diploma/Digree Certificates conforming to the standard prescribed by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).
  3. Review/Development of Curricula.
  4. Staff Development.
  5. Appointment of Board/Committee for various academic matters related to Diploma/Engineering Colleges.
  6. Application & Recognition of Institutions conducting courses other than University courses and prescription of such courses of study.

The following guidelines are proposed with regard to SCTE meeting.

  1. The State Council shall hold meeting twice a year. Emergency meetings may be held at any time with the approval of the hairman.
  2. In any of its meeting, 8(eight) members shall form a forum.
  3. The office of the Council will be at Kohima.
  4. Notice of the General meeting shall be posted to all the Members at least 15 days ahead of the date of meeting under certificate of posting.
  5. The Council shall have the power to make such by-laws and regulations as necessary to perform its function.
  6. This issue of supersession to notification No.HTE/TE/10-3/04 dated 3rd Nov. 2015.
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